Hello and welcome to the new Java Ecosystem Survey, jointly run by Snyk and the Java Magazine! Once we get all the results, we'll create a beautiful report that we'll make available to you and the community, so that we can all understand the state of the Java ecosystem in 2018.

Thanks for your time, and oh, if we get over 2,000 responses we'll donate $1000 Devoxx4Kids! When we pass 3,000 responses we'll top that up to $2,000! So now there really isn't an excuse whatsoever :o)
Let's Get Started!
Which Java vendor’s JDK do you use in production for your main app? *

Which Java SE Version do you use in production for your main app? *

How do you plan to respond to Java’s new release cycle? *

What Java EE version do you use for your main application? *

Remember, Servlets and JPA are Java EE too!

What is the main JVM language you use for your main application? *

Which IDE do you develop with? *

Which build tool do you use for your main project? *

Which static quality tools do you use? *

Which Static security tools do you use *

Which CI Server do you use? *

Which Source Code Management platform does your team use for your main project? *

Which code repository do you use for your main project? *

Which private binary/artifact repository do you use? *

Which testing technologies do you use? *

Which cloud platforms do you use? *

Which cloud approaches do you use? *

Which continuous deployment or release automation tools do you use? *

Which other (Non JVM) languages does your application use? *

Yeh, non-JVM languages exist!

Which Web Frameworks do you use? *

Which ORM frameworks do you use? *

Which database do you use in production? *

Which application server do you use in production for your main application? *

Do you develop on the same application server you use in production?

How many open source (direct) dependencies does your main application have? *

- How often do you release new versions of your code? *

- How often do you audit your code?

Where do you do most of your development work? *

How would you describe yourself? *

- How do you rank your security expertise? *

How many years of paid professional experience do you have with Java? *

If you're a hobbyist, enter 0.
What is the size of your company? *

Where do you principally get information about Java online (choose up to four)? *

Are you a member of a Java User Group (JUG)? *

How much do you contribute to open source? *

What is your name?

What is your email address?

We’ll send you a shiny copy of the report from this survey as well as other great technical content from the Snyk blog, plus you’ll get a free subscription to the Java Magazine.
Thank you so much for spending however long that took you to complete! :) I promise it was less time than it took for us to create! You've helped contribute $$$ to Devoxx4Kids as well as helping us all understand a little more about the Java ecosystem!

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